as the ashes of the last star drift

i am left again to eternal darkness

this emptiness infinitely more trustworthy

than its lighter counterpart

who’s introvert nature

keeps them cold hearted


surveying my box, i stare into the gloom

i took risks with the last and i’ll do it again

knowingly gave them too much, too much

but the pleasure of my deeds

always come round too soon

nothing is ever final, that is their luck


their past? your history? our future?

concepts i understand but never understood

defined by the seeds that i sow

blessing intelligence, sense and vision

knowingly, i gave them too much, too much

boredom creates its own foe


there is a space between me and the end of all time

with clear eyes closed i travel, when open all i see

options and willing, a skill set divine

emptiness, dead space, possibility


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