the track is uneven, bumpy, unnatural

the steps you take, you away from the fake

the natural earth, a chance to be reborn

the reminder that life needn’t be forlorn

the lone walk and deep breathes of fresh air

the closer you are to nature

the stronger the wind feels


the removal from human distraction

the phone, the screen, the hum

the awakening of nature within

the all knowing, life force of everything

the swaying blades of green

the animals in flight, in sight or in between


the feeling in your gut that this is all there is

the stomach, home to your 2nd brain knows more than you think

the people confuse it with the heart but

the stomach knows truth, right from wrong

the real


the lives that we lead are all one and the same

the tragedy, joy, hilariousness that we not only bring each other but ourselves

the heartache, the laughter, the pain, the love, the shame

the unknowing that we live again through each other

the blade of grass, the colossal eagle, the conker tree

the african shaman, the rich few, the squashed flea

the realisation brings a smile to my face as

the eyes looks out to the sea

there is no waste of time in this place and

the warmth that this gives me

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