there once was a time
not so long ago
a time when i had energy
a time i used to run
a bit of zing, some va va voom
a time when i felt
i had something to run for

coasting down endless streets
bright lights from metal boxes and lamp posts
headphones in
the night belonged to me
my natural habitat
clear paths and a clear mind
the odd thought floats in
and out
as if it never existed

eyes alert, thighs pumping
heart thumping
mental markers and goals
ticked off
i won’t allow myself to take a break
or to even slow the pace
is it called a chase
when your only against yourself

sweat leads to adrenaline
a necessity to pull you through
when your legs know
your brain never stops
but a landmark brings a sight
that your eyes cannot miss
and a knowing smile
that you have done it
that you are home