what do you want to be?

what do you want to be when you grow up? what do i want to be? i guess im not sure. i never have.

ive never been able to decide on anything career wise because ive never wanted to work. the idea always seemed stupid to me and wasn’t something i ever took seriously. obviously i understand that money is important for food/clothing/a roof over my head but i never wanted to actually get a job to pay for it.

this might sound like i thought i was entitled to money but it wasn’t that either.

ive been struggling recently for ‘the point’ a ‘purpose’ but i think i stumbled on something this weekend.

i mean beside the point that we are here to fart around i think i am here to make stuff.

not bridges, cars or houses but making music and art, writing poems and stories

i see things differently to other people. this is good for creative pursuits, not so good for social or internal analysis pursuits. it sounds vain, demented and delirious but i think it would be a waste if i didn’t try and portray my viewpoint on the world and leave behind something of interest.

basically its all in your mind. what you want to be or become.

if you want to be a depressed, deranged person you can be that.

if you want to be a supreme being that can create master works then so be it.

everything possible is there, it just needs to be tapped into and require the right work ethic.

what do i want to be?

i suppose i want to be an artist. whether thats drawing, music or writing.

i don’t care for money, i just want to be able to fund my lifestyle.

what we want is all possible. want it. believe it. know what it takes to be it.

and thats about it.