the distraction society

the internet speeds up the finding and dissemination of information.

no-one has to pick up the phone (at least to call…) or meet up with friends anymore its all done online.

we are a distraction society. constantly looking for that next thing to make us forget the things

that make us sad, angry, jealous, depressed.

how long can you look at nothing before getting your phone out of your pocket?

i bet its not long.

we seem to think that its because we’ve just thought ‘oh, I wonder how such and such are doing’ or ‘what are the football scores’ but those thoughts arise because

we are unable to hold attention to anything for longer than 10 seconds.

a society of people who are distracted for too long will end up with sick inhabitants.

you can see it everywhere. walking down the street, sat on the bus, in the pub,

and if we are not being distracted and are on our own

we are moving fast on to the next thing before we remember how we’ve wasted our lives or have a meeting we don’t want to go to next week.

technology encourages technical ignorance or shallow thinking, knowing fuck all about a lot of areas. There is no necessity to know anything anymore, where are the specialists?

if you ever want to make money in the future specialise in something and make it something that people aren’t able or can’t be bothered to learn.